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The task of choosing Collaboration software can often seem daunting, with many providers offering different services at varying price points with diverse specifications. Using the Collaboration Directory goes some way to making this task simpler for you. We’ve collected and sorted through hundreds of user reviews and ratings for a wide range of criteria, including Customer Service, Ease of Use, Value for Money and Satisfaction. With the aid of these reviews, we aim to make choosing a Collaboration Provider as simple, easy and informative as possible. Below you can find the latest Collaboration Provider Reviews to help you compare the best providers in the industry today.


Great tool. Never have to worry about the safety of conferencing anymore. And im really amazed how affordable they have made this product. Quality plus affordability is always a plus with me!

Last reviewed on Monday, 12 May 2014


Excellent, Grexit is user friendly and makes things so much more productive. All i have to do is add a label and without any effort assign tasks. Worthwhile product.

Last reviewed on Monday, 12 May 2014


Droplr has been great for all of my file organization and is especially valuable since its the quickest and easiest ways to send files from client to client.

Last reviewed on Tuesday, 29 Apr 2014

i-Net Solution

Need help developing your website? Try i-Net Solution out, will help get your website up and running fast and efficiently. Help expand your customer base.

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Last reviewed on Monday, 28 Apr 2014


Webmerge is the missing link to electronic records generation and document control. By forwarding data captured in Easy Forms, Webmerge is able to automate even the most complicated formatting and distribution options, allowing us to deliver real business solutions to our clients by streamlining workflows and eliminating the requirement for paper based records. Thank you Webmerge!

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 23 Apr 2014

OMS SafeHarbor

We live in an era of rapid change, fast innovation, real time collaboration and quick decision making. I find this software package to be what we really need to stream line our technologies in a way that is not only fashionable but worthy of the 21st century.

Last reviewed on Tuesday, 22 Apr 2014


I really enjoy using ChaseFile. It`s an amazing source of reliable file hosting services. It`s an easy way to upload files, store them in the cloud and share with friends.

Last reviewed on Tuesday, 15 Apr 2014


ContentDJ is an amazing 5-in-1 tool that makes not only managing, but MAXIMIZING social media a doable task by almost anyone. The interface is completely user friendly, which is another huge plus!

Last reviewed on Monday, 07 Apr 2014


Phone.com controls all of our phone operations and has done a perfect job with communications within our business. It is the best phone system setup I have ever used and will continue to use it. Very easy to set up.

Last reviewed on Tuesday, 25 Mar 2014

Telendra Softwares

These guys are awesome. They built an excellent shopping portal for me. I absolutely love my website and I highly recommend them.

Last reviewed on Monday, 24 Mar 2014


This is a great tool for organizing projects and assigning and tracking tasks. It has all the features we need for managing our projects (like file sharing, gantt charts, email notifications and so on). And since we don’t have many people, but manage several projects in parallel, Proofhub appeared to be the best tool for us.

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 20 Mar 2014

Archive Systems

Intuitive document management solution with easy to use features and a knowledgeable support staff. FileBRIDGE is probably one of the most ingenious products I have used, solves a problem I didn't even know I had.

Last reviewed on Thursday, 20 Mar 2014


The brain is a great way to keep track of things. With my memory, things are sure to get lost. Ideas for projects, client information, meeting times and dates, etc. I just put everything I can think of into the brain and the software does the rest of the thinking for me.

Last reviewed on Friday, 14 Mar 2014


Group2Web is the only tool I use to collaborate with my my employees. They make it super easy and simple to share my data with not just employees but anyone around the world.

Last reviewed on Friday, 07 Mar 2014

Novell, Inc

Novell is a name I have trusted in business for years and they continue to innovate with new products for increasing productivity and streamlining solutions to common problems. They have rock solid products for database management and file server software. I'm happy I relied on Novell back when they were on top, and I'm still happy now.

Last reviewed on Wednesday, 05 Mar 2014


Nothing slips through the cracks with Smartsheet! Just a fantastic organizational tool; trust that I've tried many. Get your team all on the same page; you won't be disappointed.

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Last reviewed on Friday, 28 Feb 2014


File sharing has never been easier thanks to the good people at Panmind. They've established themselves as a reputable company and I am looking forward to continued business with them.

Last reviewed on Monday, 24 Feb 2014


The easiest and most robust mindmapping, ideation and collaboration platform out there. The team at Mindjet is fantastic to work with.

Last reviewed on Friday, 21 Feb 2014


Very useful, has helped me and my company easily manage our budget (we run a lot of messy accounting sales information). Intuitive and easy to use.

Last reviewed on Tuesday, 18 Feb 2014

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