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The task of choosing Collaboration software can often seem daunting, with many providers offering different services at varying price points with diverse specifications. Using the Collaboration Directory goes some way to making this task simpler for you. We’ve collected and sorted through hundreds of user reviews and ratings for a wide range of criteria, including Customer Service, Ease of Use, Value for Money and Satisfaction. With the aid of these reviews, we aim to make choosing a Collaboration Provider as simple, easy and informative as possible. Below you can find the latest Collaboration Provider Reviews to help you compare the best providers in the industry today.


Doxo is owned by Jeff bezos , the owner of Google. They frauded me . DOXO creates websites to resemble the company you want to pay. They get all your info and do not reveil they are a 3rdparty bill pay till last page. In my case they wanted over 65.00 toake a payment. I never submitted the payment and backed out. They processed the payment anyway. I never hit the submit button after seeing the 65.00 charge. They processed...

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 14 Nov 2018

Vanilla Forums

Flexible platform that allowed us to quickly get a customized Community up and running Pros: Vanilla has allowed us to customize almost every aspect of the Community experience: content organization, moderation, additions of new spaces when the need arises, gamification - all of these components can be built out and tweaked by a team without coding experience. The ability for our developers to own and push changes to the...

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Last reviewed on Friday, 19 Oct 2018

i-Net Solution

We have been using the products services of I-netsolution for several years, they keep track in friendly customer support and my business running smoothly. They give more attention to the customer requirements, with pleasure I could assure that you won’t be disappointed.

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Last reviewed on Monday, 17 Sep 2018

Troop Messenger

This application is known for its security options, protected with fingerprint and pass-code locks. Overall, this application is an apt new generation chat medium for all your business needs. Self messaging, filters, tight security options, Options to add multiple locations of my company and unlimited group creation are the best which I haven't seen in other applications I honestly recommend this application to all types...

Last reviewed on Friday, 20 Jul 2018


Go-to application for any Digitization Project! M-files is a must for any company seeking to implement digital transformation initiatives in their company. I love best is its extensive feature set and seamless integration with Microsoft products (e.g., office, IIS server, MS SQL, Windows, etc.) The workflow feature is easy to customize, setup, and implement. It will change the way you deal with paper documents once...

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 28 Jun 2018


It's easy to use so staff acceptance is universal. It saves time by providing access to information that was previously unattainable. It reduces errors and saves money. M-Files can do anything for a company because of the way it uses metadata, workflow and objects. It is a Swiss army knife of software that relies on configuration not coding. It integrates with MS Office & Outlook and talks to other software to share information...

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 28 Jun 2018


Pros: -Ease of use -Ease of Install -Availability of data and documents Cons: Search for trailing substring characters. ie if I'm looking for a serial number that ends or contains 1234 there isn't a search option. Overall: Searching for documents or hand written notes. Documents prepared by others and missing emails sent by staff. All a thing of the past. Its all in M-Files, found in a third of a second, and...

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 28 Jun 2018


Pros: - User-friendly for end-user - Blows SharePoint out of the water - Highly customizable on the back-end (custom workflows, external database connections) M-Files is really a great Document Management System with many features, yet easy to use for the end-user. It has advances features like data synchronization between locations, as well as connecting to external databases and support for Dynamics 365. The workflow...

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 28 Jun 2018


Wish we had M-files sooner! I've been working with M-files for 2 years now and I can't imagine my professional life without it. I am the Records Administrator for my organization and therefore my concern lies in retaining record history and valuable documents. Of course this is facilitated through comprehensive database searches. I have appreciated the ease of use in the M-files interface and the various features that we...

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 28 Jun 2018


There is no way to contact them at all by phone! When you do finally get a ticket accepted to have a teleconference to fix a problem, they cancel 2 hrs before the meeting and do not reschedule on their own. Their service is terrible. I have used Solid Works a lot and will begin to lobby the company to go away from Auto Cad. And that come from someone that has used A-cad since 1992.

Last reviewed on Thursday, 19 Apr 2018


As a community manager, Edraw Max fits my needs well. It has an overall low learning curve for many illustrated features and preset elements. It is easy for first-time users like me to quickly follow the basics. The templates in its library are really great for me to select from a wide range of areas. Lastly, I can easily transfer between different OS like Mac and Windows.

Last reviewed on Thursday, 08 Mar 2018

CompuScan Imaging Solutions

Sonny & his team at CompuScan have created the ability for us to access years of hard copy Comic Books which if having to go to the file room each time would be time consuming. Having comic books easily accessible through category and date filing is superior! Payroll has benefited greatly. The team is quick to respond and always available to help troubleshoot our cloud service. Thanks for helping us become more efficient!

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 08 Mar 2018


To be honest... I have had nothing but frustrating experiences with Realtime Board. I am actively finding alternative solutions for my company because of these issues. I have lost content a countless number of times from boards. Most of those experiences have come from the board not properly uploading to the cloud. How does this happen? Then most recently I had a board with a lot of important content go blank. I submitted...

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Last reviewed on Monday, 19 Feb 2018


Before using Sanebox I felt stressed out with my emails. I'm one of those people that needs a really clear inbox (not sure how people manage with double figures, never mind hundreds/thousands of emails to sort!!!) With Sanebox, I can get my emails sorted into tasks that need immediate attention and ones that I can review at my leisure. I absolutely LOVE SaneReminders where I can get my email bounced back to me for taking...

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 02 Nov 2017


Do not trust this company no matter how far you throw them. Paperhost will steal computer parts from online sellers and purposely lie to their own credit card company just to get items for free. They will order items and then claim to have cancelled the order the second they buy it. Then they will stick their own foot in their mouths when they complete the dispute claim with their credit card company. Jackyln Parks and J.

Last reviewed on Friday, 20 Oct 2017

SysInfotools Software

I discovered about SysInfoTools when I needed to recover my lost important data from Windows, which was accidentally deleted by my friend. I was quite worried because the data that I got deleted was some important doc and pdf files of my office stuff. I took help of one of SysInfoTools Windows Data Recovery Software, it recovered all my document files completely. Yes, it is a paid Tool but it really worked excellent for me.

Last reviewed on Wednesday, 06 Sep 2017

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