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The task of choosing Collaboration software can often seem daunting, with many providers offering different services at varying price points with diverse specifications. Using the Collaboration Directory goes some way to making this task simpler for you. We’ve collected and sorted through hundreds of user reviews and ratings for a wide range of criteria, including Customer Service, Ease of Use, Value for Money and Satisfaction. With the aid of these reviews, we aim to make choosing a Collaboration Provider as simple, easy and informative as possible. Below you can find the latest Collaboration Provider Reviews to help you compare the best providers in the industry today.


I'm a middle school teacher. I use the boards in two fashions: 1) for student collaboration, and 2) for displaying class notes, videos, distributed materials, and board writing. In my school we have a SmartBoard (aka - DumbBoard). The DumbBoard software is slow to load and wastes too much time, so the RealTimeBoard became a solution. For student collaboration, I have and idea section and work product selection. Students...

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Last reviewed on Monday, 31 Oct 2016


It's overly complicated and ugly. I was going to use it as a way for clients to review and mark on PDFs, but it was way too complicated and ugly. I tried to shut down my account as much as possible, but they still send my a lot of emails.

Last reviewed on Tuesday, 25 Oct 2016


I give Commun.it no stars right now because it is unusable since they changed their dash board. I have written to three people and requested my money back but have not heard back from them yet. This is very poor service.

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Last reviewed on Friday, 02 Sep 2016

Magentrix Social Intranet

Magentrix is the best to create portals in rapid time. It provides way of customization & user friendly UI with all browser & device supported elements. It can connect with CRM data and also some integrations.

Last reviewed on Thursday, 28 Jul 2016

Citrix Online

My computer crashed. The only thing that popped up was their info and number. Scam? They charged me to its and unlock my computer. I will be notifying the better business bureau.

Last reviewed on Monday, 25 Apr 2016


Iflexion is excellent. Iflexion created a website for the our Regional office. Fully functional website is obtained as a result. We’ve really appreciated that they take the time to understand their clients’ business.

Last reviewed on Wednesday, 30 Mar 2016


Prepaid SmartFile for 1 year. Was a waste of money. Customer service is poor, tickets were often closed without the questions within being answered. SmartFile is inflexible with their plans, they are not granular as claimed as there are only 3 options and no ability to add or remove features individual features. Based upon my legal advice, the SmartFile terms and conditions contravene Australian law. Better and cheaper options...

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 03 Feb 2016


Solid product. Been using it since 2003. Technical support is outstanding. They are always adding new features to stay on top of changing technology. I'd highly recommend Docuxplorer to companies looking to go paperless.

Last reviewed on Monday, 25 Jan 2016


I am a CPA and used Efilecabinet for 7 years and absolutely loved the product, the cost, the service, the secure portal, etc. My mistake was going to their cloud version. It is near impossible to work with, does not have the same abilities, the transition was less than poor and support is nonexistent. I can no longer recommend this product.

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 19 Jan 2016


Meet Up Call are one of those businesses that are a bit of a hidden gem to find. To be fair, it's understandable as their competition is huge and advertising spend must be gigantic as other companies ads are plastered everywhere. We moved from a competitor of Meet Up Call that has a brand name that sounds like they should be creating meetings for Red Indians who were absolutely horrendous and cost us a fortune. Meet up call...

Last reviewed on Wednesday, 09 Dec 2015

Trix Systems Inc.

The program is ok, but support is a scam. If you need a new activation code they WILL charge $25.00 to send it to you.

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 18 Nov 2015


One of the best productivity web, it helps you create goals, link to others goals and make friends. i have been using other productivity apps too but this is the one worth giving good reviews.

Last reviewed on Tuesday, 01 Sep 2015

Spirit Telecom

Simply put, The single worst ISP I have ever encountered. I wouldn't wish this calibre of incompetence on anybody. No stars EVER

Last reviewed on Tuesday, 05 May 2015


I installed file/Folder locker for free trial ---- It worked for the first 2 uses then on the 3rd attempt it failed to recognize the master password and failed another 27 times i then tried to uninstall it and it asked for the master password to uninstall the Program needless to say it was like using some type of RANSOM ware.... I ended up reformatting my computer because of this CRAPware never again will i listen to any...

Last reviewed on Thursday, 30 Apr 2015

eXo Platform

Easy to use software. Great for capturing knowledge and more importantly re-using it! eXo provides a great piece of software which makes collaboration easier.

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 29 Apr 2015


I use Kanbanchi to manage project deadlines across many clients. What sold me on this tool was how easy it is to start using and the fact that it is a Google App. This integration ensures that Kanbanchi offers the same interface characteristics and features as Google Drive for seamless collaboration. Kanbanchi's Dashboard feature provides a complete view of current progress for all of my projects and the app may be customized...

Last reviewed on Thursday, 19 Mar 2015

RHUB Communications

If you look for on-premise web conferencing solutions, it is the best one on the market. It comes from free integrated PSTN audio conferencing. The interface is simple. Screen update speed is one of the best. Its non-download webinar functions make the solution unique. In addition, it includes HD video conferencing, remote support and remote access. It uses floating licenses thus supports unlimited hosts. LDAP integration...

Last reviewed on Monday, 23 Feb 2015


After trying out a few dozen software programs, I have found IQtell one of the most advanced user-friendly productivity, task calendar software on the market. Very easy to use and comes with apps for all the tablets and smartphones.

Last reviewed on Friday, 09 Jan 2015


Very poor Help Desk and I am still waiting to get prints from Nov! No one gets back to me either by e- mail or phone. Very disappointed!

Last reviewed on Sunday, 21 Dec 2014

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